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Este é o meu blog. Aqui você encontrará um pouco da minha história, terá a oportunidade de assistir aos meus videoclips e de outros artistas que aprecio. Tem também assuntos sobre automobilismo e o game Grand Prix 3 com vídeos produzidos por mim.


More pastelada an Italian!

The Italians in the Italian press are a big joke!

Instead of extolling the heroic third time obtained by Alonso with "truck" Ferrari they prefer to "strafe" the Massa, which, again, had a miserable Saturday. The Brazilian is completely undermined psychologically. What I say is pure speculation, but I guarantee he will not renew with the team next year. The team behind the scenes, this campaign urges base against the Brazilian driver, indirectly blaming him for his poor performance. They tried to forget everything that he won by the team, won the runner-up, the poles, etc.. Ferrari is so. It was not the first and the last.

Italian journalists are at least irresponsible, carrying themselves as true amateurs to act so passionate in issuing their opinions. I refer specifically to the lords Stefano Mancini, Marco Mensurati and Alberto Sabatinni. I follow motorsport for over 30 years and I know that a true connoisseur will never comment on something the way it had been published in "La Stampa" and "La Republica".

I say that you - Stefano Mancini, Marco Mensurati and Alberto Sabatinni - will have the honor of becoming ex-journalists, therefore, never been and never will be journalists, though bearing the diploma!

And have more respect for a professional who is a father and carrying out their profession with dignity and honest!