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Formula 1 2012 - First Impressions

It is undeniable that Red Bull really felt the changes in the regulation for 2012. Specifically regarding the aerodynamic exhaust. It is known that the Renault engine, among those who drive the top teams, is the weakest, and the great advantage of the current champion of the category, at least for now, no longer exists.
Formula 1 today is very dynamic, changes corirda the race, but we can say at this time McLaren is the car to beat, the big favorido winning the title of the season. Hamilton beware. If Button shoot leadership in the early stages, is unlikely to be achieved.

Mercedes showed great progress after the hiring of Aldo Costa, mainly in training. The car has good aerodynamic penetration. Moreover, enhanced feature of the previous season. The great evolution, in fact, is the best downforce and mechanical grip of the car. However, at race pace, falls far short of victory in the short term aim, except in special circumstances. And Nico owes!

Lotus was the pleasant surprise of the season. The only teams that confirmed its average speed in the tests. Grosjean lacks experience and team box a lot of training to put Raikkonen in a position to aim for a podium.

Ferrari, headed by Luca di Montezemolo loudmouth follows downhill. Resigned Aldo Costa, the heir of Rory Byrne in the project cars from Maranello and led the team in title contention until the last stage of the 2010 championship. Designed a truck for the current season. They are more lost than shooting blind. The president of the team has always put a check on the competence of the Brazilian driver, and how well the commentator said Reginaldo Leme TV Globo, the current crisis is solely responsible for the glib Luca di Montezemolo, who should take a red card for Fiat.

Williams deserves to be considered carefully. Maldonado threw away precious points in the opening stage. Walking near the Ferrari today does not mean much. Venezuelan driver missed more than hit the F1. This does not mean that it has potential and is not a promising pilot. But Williams needs money, points. Destroy cars does not help.
Moreover, the usual.