This is my blog. Here you will find a little of my history, will have the opportunity to watch my video clips and other artists that I appreciate. Also there are issues about racing and the game "Grand Prix 3" videos produced by me.

Este é o meu blog. Aqui você encontrará um pouco da minha história, terá a oportunidade de assistir aos meus videoclips e de outros artistas que aprecio. Tem também assuntos sobre automobilismo e o game Grand Prix 3 com vídeos produzidos por mim.


Show unsustainability

Strange. Created a new regulation when the category was at the height of its competitiveness in 2008. It arises Mercedes. Unfortunately for them the Red Bull gains strength and snatching four championships in a row. The only year in which there have been disputes in 2010 and 2012. They changed the rules again and who appears? The Mercedes, only to develop their motor advance. Obvious result: overwhelming dominance in 2014. He needed to justify its presence in F1 anyway. Unlike 2009 when the teams sought different paths with two highlights: Brawn taking advantage of a loophole in the regulation and Red Bull with a project and a pilot that would dominate the following years, despite the limitations of the Renault engine. The year 2014 seems to me a set of marked cards. However, not debunk them, because without the necessary competence is not going anywhere.
The Vettel became booed in 2013. However, the dominance of Mercedes is a shame for a category in crisis. So I sent twitters criticizing a category whose regulator preaches sustainability without thinking about their viability and "sustainability" (forgive me the redundancy) of the grid.
So I applaud the American categories (Indy and Nascar) show the competitiveness and sustainability in its broadest sense. When European teams and nickel hunting took over the extinct CART during the crack of Indy in the past decade, leading them to bankruptcy, IRL bought it and strengthened their bases. It is clear that Indy does not live the heyday of CART-1990s, however, remains very competitive. Indeed, F1, yes, worth a hoot in 2014.