This is my blog. Here you will find a little of my history, will have the opportunity to watch my video clips and other artists that I appreciate. Also there are issues about racing and the game "Grand Prix 3" videos produced by me.

Este é o meu blog. Aqui você encontrará um pouco da minha história, terá a oportunidade de assistir aos meus videoclips e de outros artistas que aprecio. Tem também assuntos sobre automobilismo e o game Grand Prix 3 com vídeos produzidos por mim.


won Rubens!

The F-1 on vacation. But today was a special day. Rubens Barrichello won his first race in Stock. He played at the highest level the coveted trophy million, wheel to wheel, with Thiago Camilo, a major category. This made ​​a brilliant presentation the peloton climbing until you reach the Rubens. The rest is up to news reporting.

A marathon. Stock, Mercedes Challenge, NASCAR, F-3 Sudam DTM ... Incidentally, the DTM was a shame. Farfus played to win from the beginning against Glock and two Mercedes. After running the circumstances that dear readers can access on internet sites and specialized content, yielded the victory to another pilot who defends the brand to which the Brazilian pilots. Although it has always existed and even tolerate, in my humble opinion, is unacceptable broadcasters pay a fortune and your subscribers see this kind of thing (I can not find another word unless profanity) happen. And it is not jingoism, anticipating biased to me. Calls into question the credibility admirers race. Want to globalize the category ... I do not know ... Americans will not accept it. May work in Germany. Then it gets there. Just me to F-1. DTM, no more.

Ah ... The F-1 continues to age with Bernie. Prost, at other times, said that, increasingly, a business than sport. Worth it? won Rubens!