This is my blog. Here you will find a little of my history, will have the opportunity to watch my video clips and other artists that I appreciate. Also there are issues about racing and the game "Grand Prix 3" videos produced by me.

Este é o meu blog. Aqui você encontrará um pouco da minha história, terá a oportunidade de assistir aos meus videoclips e de outros artistas que aprecio. Tem também assuntos sobre automobilismo e o game Grand Prix 3 com vídeos produzidos por mim.


Giro automobile!

The Belgian Grand Prix F1 was quite busy. Meanwhile, oblivious to accidents and close races the start of the race, Button paraded with his McLaren, winning and breaking the fast from the Australian Grand Prix. Think the title is a distant dream, but the team came back strong from vacation. Apparently, should play wins in the remaining steps of the league and may be the balance in dispute between Alonso and Red Bull. Indeed, Vettel made an exceptional proof, given the limitations of the Renault engine and the shenanigans of the FIA ​​to prevent the development of the car in favor of Ferrari. The dispute must be the same between the two: Alonso and Vettel.

The punishment given to Grosjean was too lenient, given the severity of the incident caused. The Irvine in 1994 was punished by three GPs for causing a serious accident with Ligier and Benetton (now Renault). Come cheap.

In return, Raikkonen, 3rd place, gave his show to make a beautiful maneuver to overcome the multi-champion Schummy. A show of courage, skill and strategy. Lack of a car to tip him. Otherwise, it would favoritíssimo in the title race. Without wins, the situation becomes increasingly difficult.

The Williams, who started the season well, proving that its biggest limitation was the weak Cosworth, paid by the choice of inexperienced pilots occupying their cockpits. Besides the victory and good starting positions, Maldonado collects grotesque accidents and errors. Senna shows consistency and competitiveness in races, but has shown a denial in qualifying. The team loses, so the big chance for redemption in the category, leaving only the front of the grid and nanicas weak Toro Rosso that since its independence in 2009, did not hit any project. In summary, better than the 2011 season, however, decay by assuming the posture of the auction cockpits certainly culminate with the end of the racing team soon.

A bridge between the F1 and Indy. Rubens Barrichello still dreams of a return, talking nonsense and begging for a place in a cockpit. Verge on the ridiculous. And, worse, walking badmouthing the category American, trying to justify any failure. Become a will, thus, unsympathetic with fans of Indy, by their statements and can be held there. Best one in the hand than two in the bush. One thing is certain: The F1 does not think of Rubens and do not want it there anymore. Unless he (Rubens) is bluffing and has a card sleeve.

Incidentally the end of Indy promises. Power faltered by allowing dangerous approach Hunter Ray in Baltimore. As he is not yet in oval mister, can lose the title in Fontana, stage of foreclosure. Must.

A parenthesis to Nascar. Piquet Jr. makes history in the most popular category of motorsport U.S.. It was the first Brazilian to win a Nationwide race at Watkins Glen and toasted the birthday of his father, none other than the triple champion of F1, Nelson Piquet, becoming the first Brazilian to win a Truck Series race in Michigan. Thanks Nelson! Which one? Now the two!