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Formula 1 2012 - Predictions

Photos: http://grandepremio.ig.com.br/ - Getty Images - Williams F1/MF2

Despite early to make any prediction about the 2012 season of Formula 1, I would say, based on the impressions left by the first day of testing at Jerez, Red Bull has emerged as favorite into the third championship.
For now, I see McLaren as a potential threat to the might of the champions of drivers and constructors.
Ferrari, it seems, has a long year ahead. Renault, a mystery, like the Mercedes. I do not think that fight for victories. As for the other, the Force India to introduce significant change, however, requires an expert top driver to develop the car. The Toro Rosso driver is young and quick, but inexperienced. Sauber, the usual. The Caterham should improve reliability and, perhaps, be able to score a point. Marussia  and HRT remain at the end of the grid.
And finally, Williams, is expected to make it difficult to achieve scoring zone. That is, downhill.