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Bourdais: A LEGEND!

I followed the broadcast last Sunday on the streets of Indy Toronto race's traditional calendar. For who knows, 25 years ago, in July 1987, Emerson Fittipaldi won one of his most extraordinary victories by defeating Danny Sullivan on the penultimate lap. Both came to play! Good memories!

Upon hearing the comments of Luciano do Valle - who I am deep admirer and fan - and Ana Beatriz - who flies from time to time in the category - on the tetra champion Sébastien Bourdais, I was appalled!

To get an idea of ​​the historical legacy of Bourdais in the history of Indy, CART - which the CCWS was the heir, so to speak, which also spawned the spin-off IRL (that's a long story ...) - had the largest two champions north American racing legends Rick Mears and Bobby Rahal. Each with 03 (three) titles. That is, the greatest champion in the history of the former CART!

But OK! Forget the fights, divisions, and consider the history of open wheel cars in the United States since 1905, when it appeared the AAA category, through USAC, CART, IRL, CCWS, etc.. The greatest champion of all time is A. J. Foyt, with 07 (seven) titles (1960,61,63,64,67,75,79). Then tied Mario Andretti (1965,66,69,84), Sébastien Bourdais (2004,05,06,07) and Dario Franchitti (2007,09,10,11).

One final curiosity: Bourdais and Franchitti started the 2012 season tied for wins (31 each).

In short, he is one of the legends of motor racing, no matter what he may do in future. The transferee Indy has an obligation to know the history of this pilot! That deserves respect!