This is my blog. Here you will find a little of my history, will have the opportunity to watch my video clips and other artists that I appreciate. Also there are issues about racing and the game "Grand Prix 3" videos produced by me.

Este é o meu blog. Aqui você encontrará um pouco da minha história, terá a oportunidade de assistir aos meus videoclips e de outros artistas que aprecio. Tem também assuntos sobre automobilismo e o game Grand Prix 3 com vídeos produzidos por mim.



Another poem on the blog post.


How many colors you want
I put in your drawing
I will never be the same
Although to be myself again

Suddenly, my smile
It is agreed by forgotten truths
Let me bring hope
And a deep joy

Your colorful smile
Flooded my heart
All that I no longer felt
Always been here

People that I love
I want to be with you
But do not throw away
What I did, not what I am